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Love-Lift Ministry Facts
  • Love-Lift Ministries began in 1977 and has grown each year as the Lord has blessed our vision. We are a California non-profit Incorporated Christian organization; receipts are recognized by the IRS.

  • Love-Lift Ministries in 2008 was able to bless over 8,000 needy people with the personal care bags for: Babies, Boys & Girls, Teen-Boys & Teen-Girls and Men & Women.
  • Love-Lift Ministries delivers loads of many larger gifts as well’; items such as: quilts and blankets, large toys, household items, gently used clothing, larger items crafted by churches and individual Love-Lifters, baby layettes, etc.
  • Love-Lift Ministries purchases the large inventory of gift-items for the care-bags at cost effective discount stores, and special sales offers. Even with careful spending we use, on the average, two thousand dollars, or more, each month to purchase inventory to fill our gift-bags.
  • Love-Lift Ministries has significant monthly expenses for facility rent, and utilities.
  • Love-Lift Ministries workshop volunteers, and the board of directors receive no salary. All financial donations are used to pay for our monthly rent and utilities, and replenish the monthly inventory needed to fill our gift-bags.

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