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Entire churches. Ministry groups, women’s sewing groups, Sunday School classes, Christian schools, charity minded civic organizations, and individuals are invited to donate, or help us purchase a variety of basic gift items such as bar-soap, shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpaste, towels, wash cloths, sewing kits, handkerchiefs, gloves, barrettes, socks, writing materials, crayons, hard candy, small toys for children, etc.

Volunteers meet regularly at our headquarters in Santa Ana to fill gift-bags made of sewn fabric which are prepared for delivery to mission fields all year long as shipping opportunities are arranged. A colorful Gospel booklet is enclosed with every delivery informing people of the story of Jesus and God’s saving love for all of us.

A highlight of the year is the annual Christmas Love-Lift which begins each Autumn when churches, Christian schools, and other groups fill their own bags and stockings and bring them to our headquarters for holiday deliveries. The prepared bags are grouped by categories according to age and gender. There are seven categories: babies, boys and girls, teen-boys and teen-girls, and men and women. We have found that people enjoy selective participation in the Love-Lift by giving to the age and gender group they are especially interested in. But remember, all ages and both genders need your help and God’s love.

In addition to volunteers who fill the smaller gift-bags, other volunteers meet weekly at our headquarters to create larger gift items such as beautiful sewn quilts, colorful pillows, sewn and stuffed dolls and toys, layettes for babies, etc. We invite other ministry groups to work with us to make these special items and send them to Love-Lift Ministries headquarters where we will arrange for delivery to mission fields served by local evangelistic ministries.

We need you! Let us give you an opportunity to serve the Lord as together we serve those in need.